Choosing Happiness


Let's make a choice together. Happiness. Maybe sometimes it needs to be a choice. So many people around the world wake up every day, sad, lonely, maybe hating their jobs, maybe regretting their choices, maybe feeling like a victim of some injustice. Maybe sometimes happiness needs to be a choice.

Sometimes the choices we make, the things we choose to do or not to do impact our ability to be happy.

Like... Sometimes not doing the dishes feels really good in the moment, but then one day later you're already starting to smell some funkytown stuff in your house, there's nowhere to set anything down on the counters, and you have no clean dishes. Choosing to do the dishes in the first place is for the greater happiness of avoiding that horrible alternative. Consider choosing the greater happiness!

We only get one chance at this thing called life. Every day we allow to slip by, not filling our lives with joy, love and purpose, is a day wasted. I know I've wasted far too many days this way.

God created each of us for a reason. Yes, including you. Find this purpose. Allow the Lord to set your heart on fire.

Choose happiness.

Your brother on the journey,