Stop Stopping Yourself

“Our hearts are restless until they rest in you, Lord”
- St. Augustine

What are you living for? Like, where do you focus your thoughts, energy, time and finances?
It's easy to see what our priorities are when we take inventory of the above questions.

I recently heard a talk by Father Larry Richards in which he invited his parishioners to all sign up for a holy hour in adoration, once a week, for one year. When he got push-back about that type of commitment level, he responded with, "Ok, what if I said that after one year of faithfully attending a holy hour every single week, I would personally pay each person who accomplished the goal, $1,000,000.00 dollars?" When the reaction to that proposition was a very different one, he asked, "then why can't you do that for Jesus?"

We so often spend our lives chasing things that ultimately only contribute chaos, restlessness, anxiety, dissatisfaction, the list goes on. And then we die.

What if we just stopped? What if we made a choice to stop chasing that which cannot satisfy and cannot last? What if instead we spent our lives chasing God's plan for us? What if we spent our lives pursuing him?

Our lives would be filled with meaning, purpose and passion.

What if there really was a peace beyond all understanding that we could even experience here and now?
(Philippians 4)

What if we made that choice today?

What if we all did?

We would transform the world.

Don't be afraid. Take courage. Don't let anything get in the way of the journey God has laid out for you.

Your brother on the journey,