WWJD With Spam Calls

John 13:14 If I, therefore, the master and teacher, have washed your feet, you ought to wash one another’s feet.

In my time actively engaged in ministry and leadership roles, and in my zeal about bringing people to Jesus through sermon, written word or song, I have found it far too easy to forget some of the simplest ways in which my faith should manifest in action.

Simple servitude is an opportunity to be Christ in the unglamorous and potentially unexciting ways. Simple servitude is an opportunity to discover true love for another. Every Christian (in emulating Christ) is called to leadership in some form or another. But in living that out, are we humble? What are our true motivations in the work we do day to day?

Simple servitude is passionately reading a book to your children. Simple servitude is joyfully taking the trash out. Simple servitude is picking up a piece of garbage on the sidewalk or parking lot even if no one is looking. Simple servitude bringing good to someone asking for money on the side of the street, and praying with them. Simple servitude is making a fresh pot of coffee at work, even if it’s not for you. Simple servitude is answering your phone with a joyful greeting even though it is likely a robotic spam call trying to destroy your life. Believe me, i’m preaching to myself here.

Do we activate simple servitude in our lives consistently enough, or are we too often looking for the action that will bring the greatest accolades?

Let’s follow our King’s lead, and strive for simple servitude to become more a part of our lives.

Your brother on the journey,