We Are Horrible Gods

John 6:63 Your words, Lord, are Spirit and life.

Do I trust God?


When you hear someone posit that Jesus’s teachings are too ambiguous to understand or follow, they’re wrong. The Lord could not be more clear about his longing for our lives. We water down his teachings and words when we feel that he is asking too much of us. We run from his will out of a false sense of self-preservation and ultimately stifle our own growth and fulfillment.

God created us. God alone knows our intricacies and purpose. God alone knows what can bring us true peace and true joy.

What if we stopped being afraid?

What if we trusted his words?

Our society encourages us to be our own gods. This, however, is a horrible approach to life. Mostly because we are horrible at being gods - because we are not our own creators. It is as if a toaster oven attempted to discover its own purpose.

The words of Christ, though challenging, are goodness. We will find ourselves most fully through them.

Let us all strive to trust him completely.

Your brother on the journey,